This weekend I finally got around to installing the Vortech Renegade brackets on my YSI setup. Prior to installing these brackets I had asked around for tips and/or pictures but there wasn’t much out there,
so I figured I’d document it to so everyone can see what’s involved and for future reference for anyone who is planning to install them.

When you start off you will have a big box of parts that looks like this. Included is a supercharger mounting bracket, a supercharger mounting plate, a tensioner mounting plate, a tensioner pulley, and a scary
looking bag full of various bolts, washers, spacers, alternator stay, and other misc tensioner pieces.

The first step is to remove your old setup. The main bracket for the new kit is the same as the old kit. This makes the install a snap. I pulled the entire bracket/plate assembly off as one piece and just replaced
the old front plate with the new front plate, leaving the alternator and smog delete in place:

The next step is to mount this setup back in the car. I re-used the existing hardware, so mounting it back up was a snap:

The next steps are to connect the oil drain line, mount the supercharger, and re-connect the alternator wires (I forgot to shoot a picture at this step, but it should be a normal step that everyone is used to).

Finally the new tensioner setup is mounted to the front of the blower setup. This take a few minutes to figure out. First you connect the tensioner adjuster and screw, and then you mount the plate. Finally
you install the blower belt, install the tensioner pulley, adjust the tension, and then lock the nut.

Here is are a couple of good shots of the new pulley and the adjuster screw:

And here are some final install shots:

From start to finish plan about 2-3 hours to complete this swap if this is the first time working with this setup. The directions are very confusing at first, but once you get started and see how the old setup is laid
out and start to follow the instructions for the new setup, it is actually very easy and straightforward.

I wish I would have installed these years ago when they came out! The tensioner design on this kit is fabulous. All you do is crank down on the bolt, and the blower belt tensioner is forced down and applies
tension on the blower belt with very little effort. Then you just tighten the locking nut and you are done. No more breaker bars, big pry bars, or multiple people needed to tighten the belt. I am definitely
going to install these brackets on my street car that has an s-trim on it next!