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  1. Angry Newbie,in crisis 4R70W

    Hello, I have a 95 thunderbird. First indication that i had problems , i was coming home and tranny stared slipping from a stop then catching at higher rpms. Then after a long drive about a week later. Tranny starts TC lock up. And stalls when shifted into reverse , drive , 1 ,or 2. and when i would shift and jump the rpms to keep engine from stalling car takes of , but the engine rpms will surge up and down for a few seconds. So i decides to change the tranny filter. The idiot i was i bought 5 quarts of ATF TYPE F and change filter and refilled with that. Of course i found that my inital problem was not fixed by new filter because of wrong fluid. Vehicle was only run a couple blocks with wrong fluid. I then drained tranny and torque converter and replaced with the correct fluid mercon 5. I still have TC lock up but isnt as bad and gets better when vehicle warms up. TC lock up seems to be the worst in reverse stalling almost all the time. I also when braking and Tc should break loose if it stays locked up and shouldnt be , engine /RPMS surge up and down and will sometimes slowly stabalize and car will actually idle. Or other times it will surge and lock up increases and car stugles untill eventually stalls if not shifted to neutral or brake released allowing car to move. This is my daily driver and I havnt the time or money to guess or trial and error any more. Please help, I will apprecieate it greatly thank you

  2. I will suggest a wireing issue.
    check the harness and be sure it isn't melted to the exhaust, shorting will cause several bunk issues!!! Run the OBD2 Codes.

    Next, i would suggest a sensor be the issue....start with the MLPS sensor, test the TPS sensor, and lastly the TOSS and VSS sensors....yes, that is all of them but often running codes on this late modle car sucks and tells you nothing.

    ALso, post over on TCCOA if you havn't

  3. Question Decided to replace

    Decided to simply replace transmission , (I believe) I have found a replacement. However I would apprieciate the help if someone could tell me if this transmission is right for the swap. My vehicle is a 95 Ford Thunderbird LX w/ 4.6L. The replacement I would like is....

    4r70w transmission from a 96 Mustang GT.
    Was swapped out at around 60k to a manual so everything is pretty much included (except the shifter and ecu.)
    Have the shifter cable, B&M transmission cooler, automatic pedal assembly, transmission harness, automatic driveshaft yoke (yoke only!), stock torque converter, and Performance automatic valve body.
    He dosn t have the stock valve body.
    The springs/servos have been changed to jmod spec's in addition to the upgraded valve body.

    I have heard that the TCC and other parts may be different and can cause problems between some years . I am looking for a hastle free swap, and want to make sure I am getting the right replacement.
    Thank you in advance for any assistance in confirming the compatablity.

    ( Stripped Gear Poster)
    And hopeless Nebie

  4. #4
    Sure you can replace the transmission but if an external sensor is at fault you will have the same problem.

  5. SInce you are a noob, let me encourage you to just FIX what you have now for $50, instead of swapping. The MLPS on your trans are notorious for taking a dump.

    If you insist on swap, a 96 GT will swap in, you will have to replace the shift lever from you bird trans into the stang trans. You will also have to replace the TCC solenoid from your bird INTO the gt trans....that should be all.

    TCC 92-95, 96-97, 98+

  6. Thank You very much for the suggestion SFox, and I take advice as stated. YOU appear to be an expert in this area. Also yes , I am very NOOB.., I am not sure I know where to find the info I need to check/change out this MLPS, and any help, or direxction in finding that info is greatly apprieciated.
    Again Thank You,
    Stripped gear poster
    and Forum NOOB

  7. I am sure if you google MLPS and 4R70W in whatever fashion you might get some instructions maybe.

  8. Thank You for the advice SilverFox , I got a new MPLS and plan to install today. However something strange has occure4d and i dont know but maybe it will shed some more light on the situation. I parked the car on a steep incline front end high and it sat ther for and hour or 2. When I drove it after that , it seemed to run good and I even was able to use reverse without it locking up. THis unfortunately lasted only while andf it has returnd to the old problem. I plan to replace the MPLS today. If this info helps at all please let me know, Thank You again

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