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    Jul 2016
    Hello new guy from Minnesota here 01 ranger with a 4.6 and soon to be 4r70w. Nothing fancy just a fun truck.

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    Jan 2015
    Mariposa, CA
    Hello everyone! I would like to introduce myself and list my cars as well as my goals. I have a 1986 SVO that I bought in Sept of 2015 with 67000 original miles on it. I am also building a 1963 Falcon Ranchero hotrod. I have had both my knees replaced due to my career in heavy construction, which has convinced me to convert to an automatic transmission. The SVO's T5 is howling, so the time to convert is now. My questions are what is needed other than the computer/ shifter to bolt a 4r70w behind the 2.3l turbo engine? I can get the adapter from Canfield Industries, but they aren't sure what else I would need to finish the conversion. What flexplate/ front plate/etc would I need? Is there a thread here that I should read?
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    Oct 2016
    Gudday all.
    New fella from DOWN UNDER BRISBANE (kiwi livin in aussie). Got a beaut little '76 mad max black xb coupe - with 'mean xb' as a number plate...LOL ...think mustang but rustier.
    She's runnng 351clevo 600 holley, edelbrock performer, twin 2 1/2 pipes, 268h comp cam, 2v closed chamber heads Gets driven about once a fortnight.
    I'm here cause you guys got the 4r70w's and I need to pick your brains. My current FMX is crap on the motorway so am transplanting yet more american goodness into her.
    Other guys on the forums down here are keen to see how I go.
    So far got everything ordered except flex plate...and don't know if I need it...bought everything from the USA, so be nice to me, I'm helping your economy

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    Apr 2006
    pick away
    International, I have shipped way more stuff to AUs/NZ than anywhere else.
    Glad to see all the ford lovers down there.

    I visited Aus/NZ in 1996....would love to go back.
    TimTams are my weakness....wish they sold the whole lot them here

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    Jul 2006
    Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Canada
    Are you replacing it with an FMX?
    <img src=http://www.clickclickracing.com/forums/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=731&dateline=1187181889 border=0 alt= />

    Wrench twister since 1957.
    Journeyman in 1964.
    Transmission builder since 1964.

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    Dec 2012
    Yucca Valley, ca
    Not really a new, but been out of the game for a bit. Picked up a 92 LX yesterday, and gonna build it. AOD shifts a bit hard, and fluid is leaking out the tail shaft, small drip. Car is stock with Flowmasters, but not sure if trans is modded. Looking at doing trans build, and then around 500 with a Novi 2K I have. Reading through the information. Car will be a driver with AC and heat, and run 1/4 mile at the track during NMCA West events. Thanks in advance for all of your research.


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    Jun 2017
    Hello brothers and sisters.

    I acquired my 1992 GT Vert AOD in 2015 as a complete stock survivor, 23yo and running strong. Last year the TV grommet gave in and totaled my AOD. This past month, I saved enough pennies to get her fixed up and running again. Not looking to race/strip her, more for longevity and reliability.

    Looking to contribute when I can. Take care all. Happy Pony riding.


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    Aug 2017
    I have a 65 and a 71 mustang the 65 has an aod with 4:56 gears it is a blast to drive

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    Feb 2012
    Hi folks.
    Been a member for a while, but just posted my first topic, so thought I better introduce myself.
    I'm from Australia and I've got an AOD in a 66 mustang that I put together myself with some of the upgrade parts in it.
    I've got an issue with 3rd gear slipping, so here I am.

    Here's a video of the car on the dyno. You can hear it slip right at the end of the video. I warned the operator it might happen (because I had seen it on the track), so he was ready for it and backed out straight away.

    Anyway, I have bought a 4R70W, so hopefully I can get this AOD sorted and put the 4R internals in it while I've got it apart.

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    Jun 2019
    Hey Guys!
    Been watching and reading clickclickracing since around 2008. I've had several fox bodies and bought a 86 Bronco in 2012 with a 5.0 and an aod. I was a mechanic by trade at the time and swapped in a F4 roller 351, Ecam, rebuilt the aod after i destroyed the front pump, lockers front and rear, shelled a few differentials, converted my speed density to mass air and dual 3 wire 02 sensor setup from a 89 foxbody. Took me several days to overlay the sequential fire/02/mass air stuff into my factory Bronco harness and now I am rolling a a9L pcm in my Bronco! pretty sweet!

    New Updates:
    Just pulled motor/tranny and installed aluminum heads, roller rockers, hardened pushrods and left stock compression. Put a wide gear ratio set out of an 99 4r into my aod. Superior A+ OD servo, Superior 2-3 accumulator, transgo 1 piece input shaft, 2000 stall C6 converter, transgo shift kit, transgo hi rev governor kit 5500 rpm, standard rebuild kit, Monster rebuilt stator, and a whole mess of issues getting it all correct in my E9 case which I will post up. Also just swapped my Powertrax true trac out of the front and put a Dana Spicer limited slip up front(pretty sketchy with that tru trac with I-beams in the snow). Auburn Limited slip in the back. Future goals are SAS front and partial restore on interior and fix dash, and a paint job. Also have a new fuel sender and a 310 lph in tank fox body pump to go in tank so I can remove frame rail pump and re-route the fuel line away from header. That's for another day and a Lift. You never know I could turbo it someday. I have everything to do it. It would be all custom but nothing too hard. I also have a 2000 f250 7.3 4x4. If I ever finish the Chonco(nickname), my wife has a 73 mustang grande tour trunk car I have a 2012 coyote truck motor setting in the shop and an 01 4r70 I will probably mate to it because I am 100% sure a 6r80 will not fit in that tranny tunnel. It pretty much needs a full resto: paint, floor pans, interior, lots of stuff(I have all interior and floor pans already just gotta finish my project first!). So there will be lots more to come.

    Anyway that's quite a bit of stuff but if you have any questions about what I have done just ask! Like I said I will try to post up about my aod wide ratio issues and maybe even do something on a a9L conversion if I can find the time for that.

    Thanks for the add!!


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