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    Couple aod questions

    Ok here is my situation, I have a 1989 notchback 5.0 5spd and a 1995 mustang gts 5.0 aode, also have a brand new never ran AOD and 3300ish spec-rite converter that was built for a local guys turbo foxbody that never was finished and parted out.
    I am pulling the motor and trans from the coupe to go bbf, it has a pretty stout 302 in it that I want to put into the 95 with the built aod, so I will be using the foxbody intake and throttle body so I can run the TV cable, I will be running the 1995 auto ecm but I have a moates quarterhorse so I should be able to load a manual trans .bin in to fix those issues.
    My questions are....
    1. Can I make the stock aode shifter work with the aod? I would think it would work just the shift pattern would 1-d-od and not the 1-2-d?
    2. The aod has hardened 2 piece input shaft is there anyway to tell by looking if the converter is lock up or not? I have had the trans sitting in the garage for 2yrs now and dont remember what I was told lol.
    3. Is there anything else i might run into in this conversion? I have a lokar TV cable, are they any good or should I just use a factory TV cable?
    Thanks for the help.

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    Oops, an old thread but deserves an answer.

    1. You can make a foreign shifter work providing the ratios are correct or very near and by that I mean the physical length of the shifter bits; the amount of length bits move when you shift each gear position. You are correct, P,R,N,OD,D will be the same and the AOD 1 will be in the 2 position on the AODE shifter. I have a 3 speed shifter moving mine that is meant for an FMX. You may need to rejig things.
    2. Hardened 2 piece shaft? There is usually the hardened one piece shaft that is never lock up and the stock two shaft arrangement for which you can get a hardened inner shaft. The stock outer shaft is quite robust. Assuming the latter you can see if the TC is lock (direct drive) or non lock by inserting the inner shaft into their TC splines. If the shaft will not turn when holding the case it is lock. If you can turn the innards (turbine) when holding the case it is non lock.
    3. If you can find a factory TV cable, use it. While the aftermarket stuff can work to varying degrees the factory item is a quality piece made for the job.

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