Ok here is my situation, I have a 1989 notchback 5.0 5spd and a 1995 mustang gts 5.0 aode, also have a brand new never ran AOD and 3300ish spec-rite converter that was built for a local guys turbo foxbody that never was finished and parted out.
I am pulling the motor and trans from the coupe to go bbf, it has a pretty stout 302 in it that I want to put into the 95 with the built aod, so I will be using the foxbody intake and throttle body so I can run the TV cable, I will be running the 1995 auto ecm but I have a moates quarterhorse so I should be able to load a manual trans .bin in to fix those issues.
My questions are....
1. Can I make the stock aode shifter work with the aod? I would think it would work just the shift pattern would 1-d-od and not the 1-2-d?
2. The aod has hardened 2 piece input shaft is there anyway to tell by looking if the converter is lock up or not? I have had the trans sitting in the garage for 2yrs now and dont remember what I was told lol.
3. Is there anything else i might run into in this conversion? I have a lokar TV cable, are they any good or should I just use a factory TV cable?
Thanks for the help.