Been trying for a while to do this, finally made a 7 second pass in my Mustang. I almost made it at NMRA True Street in Bradenton, on the last of the 3 passes I ran 8.05@175 after driving 30 miles and 2 other passes. Went to SGMP the friday after NMRA and up'd the boost from 31 to 33 to power my way into the 7s. I know I can get there on lower boost, but I need to work out some suspension issues 1st. I left on 5 psi so I wouldn't wheel stand or spin. The video has the datalog overlay, so you can watch RPM and boost. The RPM drop from 2nd to 3rd is crazy lol

1.28 60' 5.15@141 7.92@177 in a 3520# 1988 Mustang Convertible with a Lockup (Direct drive) AOD.

348 Big Bore 3.25 stroke
TFS TW 205cc 11r heads
LJMS Solid Roller Cam
TFS Intake
Bosch 210 injectors
Twin Weldon 2345 Pumps
FI BW S491
Fathouse 4.5" Intercooler
275/60/15 M/T Street R Radials
AOD transmission with Lockup (Direct Drive)
PTC lockup converter
TCI input shaft
Sonnax Forward Drum 76654-01K
PA Manual Valve Body with Transbrake