First some background.

This B&M AOD has been in my 67 for about 5 years now and has over 25000Kms on it so it is far from a new build.

Two days ago it would only drive in reverse and first. I figured it had a stuck valve and could be low on fluid so I let it cool down overnight, I stomped the throttle with the motor running then put 1L of fluid in it and took if for a drive and it was shifting normally again.

This morning I reversed out of the garage and when I selected drive it stalled. Every time I started it it would go into revers OK but would stall when I put it in drive.

I worked out that if I put it in low it would be OK. Now I have to select low, which turns out to be second get it up to speed, select 2nd (Which is 3rd on the old shifter) and it goes straight into 3rd. When I select drive it immediately goes into OD no matter what speed I am doing.

So now I have a full manual AOD that takes off in 2nd!!! Reverse works fine.

I am guessing a clip or something has come loose in the VB?

BTW It looks like the TV cable is OK but I don't see how it could cause this behaviour anyway.