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    Jun 2018
    McKinney TX

    hello hello from Mckinney TX

    Hey everyone

    New here, and new to building transmisions.

    I came here after multiple recommendations on different forums and facebook groups.

    I have an AOD from a 90 mustang (all cast drums and 1.5" band etc) that I want to build up to be RELIABLE , and fun to drive in my 65 mustang with a 302 with a tiny bit larger HIPO cam in it.

    The car is a street drive, and fun on the weekends, and then take to mustang meets on long drives kind of a car. tired of not having an OD with my C4 that is currently in it

    Friend of mine is offering me 4R70W internals to put in my AOD , and would love some help from yall on where to begin, or lead me to some posts / threads here that tell me what all is compatible, what all needs special attention etc.

    What I ave found incompatible from my research right now is: Valve body, Output shaft, and MAY BE the input shaft???

    Anyway, I am new, and I am all questions and no answers

    Hope to get some help here

    BTW , a very nice member of another forum has already sent me his clutch compressor, depth micrometer, and seal protector kit so tools wise I am set.

    my AOD is down to the shell except the dang roll pin for the shifter linkage that I cannot get out


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    Apr 2006
    pair of dykes for the roll pin, or screw a small screw into the roll to pull out.

    Ask all the questions you like...questions are the key to my advice. I try not to tell anyone HOW to build a trans, but I have years of reputation for giving advice ...based around questions
    There used to be a tech section here, but it disappeared in the last year or so. Once my website it up, I'll have it posted again I hope.

    The answer is easy if you have a core to pull the internals from a 4R.
    Keep ALL the AOD stuff that is not internal
    AOD internals to keep are pump, fwd drum, op shaft
    The rest is 4R stuff.
    Note that if you have cast fwd drum, you need cast steels
    If you have stamped fwd drum, then 4R rebuild clutch/steel kits will work fine.

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    Jun 2018
    McKinney TX
    The roll pin is the hardest thing . Itís not flush with the hole , but with the step up machined surface . I canít grab it with my diagonal cutters or anything going flat on top

    I tried to grab it with my needle nose pliers but they slip off :/

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