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  1. V6 torque converters any good?

    Hi guys, I'm new to the site and in need of a little advice.

    I have a '70 Mustang with a mild 302 and 3.55 rear end gears. I'm looking to do an AOD swap and I'm trying to keep the cost as reasonable as possible. I'm not looking to race my Mustang, just want to have a little more fun. Someone told me the factory V6 torque converters had a higher stall than the V8's, is there any truth to this? Also, what stall would you recommend for my setup?



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    This has been used as a cheap stall increase by some. Bear in mind stock AOD TCs balloon fairly easily but likely not a big problem on your set up. Sometimes a well set up aftermarket TC is a better but more expensive option so I gather not for you as you are keeping costs down.
    As to stall, a mild set up usually does not need much more than stock if at all. You ideally need to know where in rpm peak torque is and go 500-700 rpm lower. Likely you need go no higher than a few hundred over stock if at all depending on what 'mild 302' is. Your mild may not be mine.
    The cam makers specs (assuming an aftermarket cam) as opposed to stock may give you an indication. That is a stock cam may be rated idle to 4500 and an RV cam may be rated 1400- 5100, just making up figures. Assuming a 700 idle the new cam starts 700 higher. This is rough estimating but you could go 500-700 higher in stall but bear in mind a mild RV cam still produces reasonable power off idle so added stall may not be needed or less than you think so 300-500 more could be the go.
    Going too high in stall on a stock/nearly stock engine just wastes engine power and if you get it wrong, too high, you can lose performance. Another problem is cruising heat/ slippage if you go too high and fuel wastage, but if you retain the direct drive in the AOD in 3-4 cruise heat and fuel wastage will not be a problem.

  3. I'm curious what AOD you are using? I wasn't aware of a v6 AOD, I know their is a v6 4r70w. I'm looking for something similar. I have a 73 Mach 1 with a mild 302 roller, I want something that stalls 2400-2800. I don't have an extra $500 for an aftermarket converter. I know with a higher stall you also need a bigger trans cooler.

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    Mine is an F series truck V8 AOD, 1989 and is using the stock TC. It is behind a 351C and I can spin both rear wheels (locker) on many road surfaces on take off so no higher stall needed.
    Sorry, you said "I'm looking to do an AOD swap" so I mentioned V6 AODs. T Bird Super Coupes had good AODs as far as V6 AODs went as they were turbocharged. Otherwise V6 AODs need beefing up for V8 work. They have drastically fewer clutch plates and a crappy OD servo.
    Generally with a higher stall TC you need an add on trans cooler but when you retain the direct drive function, which a stock V6 TC will give you, most slippage is eliminated in 3rd and totally eliminated in 4th (OD). However factory in radiator coolers are generally considered marginal so an additional cooler is usually considered mandatory by any car enthusiast when adding performance goodies.

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    This thread is from August 2015.
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    Stuart I take your point, however while the start of the thread was Aug 2015 the question from Mach1turbo was asked 10th December 2015. Somehow I missed it. I felt Mach1turbo deserved an answer as I feel a sense of rudeness not replying to a question and I did not consider less than three months made it ancient. Perhaps it was.
    I suppose it comes down as to how you view the forum. While resurrecting old threads mostly may not serve any purpose how do we define so old as to be useless? Sometimes someone can add something that is good info, perhaps not even to the originator of the thread, but something that can be useful to someone browsing through looking for info. I do, however, accept that replying to ancient threads pulls them to the present and that is not desirable.

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