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    How to launch AODů 3200 stall

    I want to be able to launch hard with what I got. It is a 3200 Edge stall and soon to be 4.10s.

    I have drag radials and 3.73s and the best 60 foot I can get is 1.99.

    I basically footbrake it on the line just where it is about to spin and let go of the brake and floor it, and it isn't very impressive. I feel like I should almost floor it while still on the brake and let it spin a little bit.

    Any help would be nice.
    90 lx hatch, AOD, Explorer intake, GT40 heads, TFS1 , Scorpion 1.72, BBK equal shorties, 2-1/2" O/R H-pipe, SPT1, Edge 3200 lockup, aluminum DS, 3.73. Lookin for 12.99

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    Well have you tried just mashing the gas off idle or just off idle? That would be my next step. If it still sucked and I knew it wasn't spinning, I'd begin to suspect that convertor you have isn't stalled right. Seen it a lot with off the shelf shit. Either that or ur motors really down on power which looking at what u have I doubt it's that bad.

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    Had the same problem with my T-Bird....... best 60-ft. was a consistent 2.13 (even with 4.10's)........ I thought maybe it was the V/Secondary carb. Damn thing left like a dump truck.......But, I used the trap speed and vehicle weight to find the HP....and it was really low....... I did a leak down test on the engine and it was HORRIBLE....like 85% at 35 PSI!! Spend $40 on a leak-down tester before you throw any money away taking wild-ass guesses.
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